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WE ARE HERE!! Spotlight on Practice 3 – Families

WE ARE HERE!! Spotlight on Practice 3 – Families: Strategies for engagement and adapting our work

This short spotlight on practice shares the strategies and approaches we used on the project WE ARE HERE!! that have been successful in engaging families with the project, and the ways in which we adapt our work to respond to the needs and context of the families.

The themes discussed include the need to build trust and understanding in relationships and how the cultural diversity of our team and pedagogical approach is an important asset, as well as practical tips.

Prepared and written by Musiko Musika’s Joint Artistic Directors (Rachel Pantin and Mauricio Venegas-Astorga) and Assistant Director (Laura Venegas-Rojas), it will be useful for any individual or organisation seeking to improve and develop the engagement of families with their work, particularly from harder to reach socially and culturally diverse backgrounds.