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'What do you think we should do?' Exploring self-efficacy in Youth Music projects

Youth Music has a particular commitment to providing music-making provision for children and young people in challenging circumstances. As a result of their various circumstances, including being looked after, in care, young offenders, not in education or training, or having special educational needs, these young people more than others may be more likely to have a reduced belief in their ability to influence the events that affect their lives, and consequently show poorer resilience to adversity.

One of the intended outcomes of Youth Music’s Elevated Risk module (a funding stream committed to projects working with looked after children, those in the youth justice system, or those not in education, employment or training) was ‘to improve children and young people’s self-efficacy and resilience to challenging circumstances’. In line with this, this paper explores whether and how projects supported by Youth Music have aimed to achieve this outcome, with a particular focus on processes that support improvements in self-efficacy.

Esther Goodwin Brown researched and wrote this report during a paid internship at Youth Music, September - October 2014. Read Esther's blog about her research process and her findings here.