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Young East London Music Creators wanted - paid position

Hear My Voice is a feature film that tells the story of TJ, a Congolese boy from Hackney who dreams of being an opera singer. 

Project 1961 is looking for 8 young East London based music creators to join our team to develop the musical landscape for Hear My Voice. 

Writer/director Pinny Grylls is developing this film in collaboration with talented young people from London, because they come from the same communities in London as our main character TJ and his friends. She is writing the script with the actors/writers of Intermission Youth. Together with Aga Serugo Lugo she will now workshop the music for the film. 

We are looking for those creators who already have music making experience, but would like to explore making music for films. This is a tremendous career development opportunity for those who are selected.


It's simple. Just be at the workshops. Create. Collaborate. Inspire. 

Workshops The film's musical landscape will be workshopped over 6 sessions between July-Sept 2021 led by Aga Serugo Lugo. 4 workshops will be offline in East London and 2 online. Each workshop is 3 hours. At the end there will be an opportunity to record your co-creation in a recording studio. 

Fee Participant writers will receive £30 per workshop (minimum wage) + £5 travel compensation for the offline sessions.

Please note that you need to be present at the workshop to receive the remuneration. Childcare can also be covered on a case by case basis where required. Drinks and snacks will be provided at an evening offline workshop.

Credit These are professional paid positions and are under contract. You will be credited as ‘music development by’ in the film. 


Please fill in the application form via the website You can also decide to send us a video or audiofile answering all the questions. You can read the instructions on the website.  The questions with a red star are a must to fill in, otherwise you can't move forward in the application form. Want to know the questions? You can download them below.

Deadline: SUNDAY 16TH OF MAY 2021, 11pm.

Questions? On the 12th of May at 6 - 6.45 pm we will have a Q&A to answer all your questions. Please drop us an email at and we will send you an invite to the Zoom call in time. 

You will automatically receive a copy of your application to the email address below. We will use this address to let you know if you are invited for the interviews.