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Young Women's Social Action Retreat

Over the past weekend we took 20 young women from Bristol and London on a retreat to create positive social change with science and (music) tech. It was an incredible time of cross city learning and develpment that saw upskilling and access to new musical methods as well.

During the retreat the young women were so inspired by the DJ workshop, many of them announcing that they never thought they would have the opportunity to have a go at DJing, let alone getting the hang of it! The fact that the DJ workshop was run by a women made the participants (young women aged 16-18) feel comfortable, with one of them saying "I have gained music skills in a comfortable and relaxed environment!". It was amazing to have Ngaio on our panel as well to talk through her experience as a female DJ & musician, the participants loved hearing about her experiences and one said "I really liked her perspectives on things, and her career was something I found really interesting". The participants spent the weekend working on issue based projects and had the opportunity to get their voice heard by creating taster podcasts.