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Youth creativity celebrated in New Tracks

Last week brand new music written by five young people during lockdown was shared for the first time as part of The Future is Ours – an online arts festival celebrating youth creativity in 2020. 

Since September, Finley, Sophia, Sophia C, Katie and Seyi have been taking part in New Tracks – an online music making project aimed at developing their songwriting and production skills, and supporting their emotional wellbeing and mental health in these challenging times. 

The project is a partnership between Brighter Sound and 42nd Street, a young people’s mental health charity based in Manchester, who are also the organisers of The Future is Ours festival. 

It’s something new for me. I got referred to 42nd Street in March, and then these creative sessions came along. I’m now taking opportunity after opportunity.

Supported by professional musicians and a mental health practitioner, the group met online weekly to collaborate and create new music using electronic production, digital effects and samples, and write lyrics inspired by their own thoughts and experiences.

I really enjoyed the collaborating side of it. I love that not everyone has the full picture, but with multiple eyes and ears, you can come up with something you wouldn’t have on your own.

Thanks to Young Manchester, who supported the project, the young people were loaned laptops to help them take part, which they will now be able to keep to continue their music making journeys and stay connected. 

It feels so good to be involved in all this – you get to speak to so many people. I feel like a part of something. I’m feeling proud.

Reflecting on the project Lucy Wallace, Project Manager at Brighter Sound, said:

“Despite the fact they’ve not been able to meet in person, it’s been amazing to see how the group has collaborated and bonded over the last couple of months – learning new skills, making new friends and expressing themselves through music and creativity. It’s a huge achievement, and a great example of how music can connect, inspire and uplift us, especially in times of uncertainty.”

Please visit 42nd Street’s website for more information, or you can listen to the tracks by visiting Brighter Sound's Soundcloud page.