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Youth Music funding established relationship with two Greater Manchester organisations

Boom Box is a Youth Music funded project that has cemented a working relationship with Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN) and Memody CIC

Memody is a community focus company that support disadvantaged young people to write and record their own songs. Greater Manchester Youth Network is a chairty that supports young people to be safe, valued and ambitious by delivering high quality programmes. Last year, we engaged 738 young people who have experience of care, unemployment, disability, mental health issues or other forms of social isolation. Alongside our programme delivery with young people, we provide infrastructure support and consultancy services for voluntary and youth organisations across Greater Manchester. 

In partnership GMYN and Memody developed the idea of Boom Box, a new 12-month music production project to reduce the social isolation and increase the confidence and self-esteem of care experienced young people across Greater Manchester. The project provides opportunities for looked-after children and care-leavers to create their own songs and music videos in a brand new studio. Throughout the programme the two organisations have been working closely to ensure high quality provision for care expieranced young people. This has involved creating music in a vareity of settings for different groups of young people and engaging them in positive development activities. 

The funding has enabled the two organisations to establish a positive working relationships - sharing networks, resources and training which each others staff, enhancing the deliver of Boom Box and other GMYN and Memody programmes. 

Nick Rogers, GMYN's Boom Box programme coordinator says "the benefits of partnership working like this are imeasurable, Memody have been able to add so much to GMYN through Boom Box. Organisations should create projects in partnership more often and really work together open and honestly, this partnership has really benefited the young people we work with" 

For more information on Boom Box, please visit the GMYN website.