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Youth Music Wellbeing Session 2

Event description

Join us for a session covering practical wellbeing in the workplace delivered by Mahalla B and Nicola Burke.


We’ve already hosted an introductory wellbeing session which started some great conversations. Participants fed back that they were keen to learn more about practical strategies to take their learning to the next level. We’ve designed the second workshop around this feedback.

Looking after the wellbeing of our staff is a must for any inclusive organisation. But the practice of developing a culture that supports organisational wellbeing is still relatively new. In 2021, Youth Music stakeholder research found staff burnout and deteriorating mental health a key concern of senior leaders. In response, we built a wellbeing outcome into the Youth Music Recharge Fund. We want to support people to improve their knowledge about wellbeing and share learning from this fund in real-time - we think this session will be really useful and insightful.

You don't need to have attended our first wellbeing workshop to attend this one, but we recommend you exploring our Mental Health & Wellbeing resource hub.

What to expect from the session

We would like you to do some preparatory work related to wellbeing action plans. Full details will be sent with your confirmation email.

We think that one really practical way to keep wellbeing on the agenda is through the use of wellbeing action plans. These plans are a way of opening up conversations and having practical measures in place to support an individual’s wellbeing. They help people reflect on what helps them to stay mentally healthy at work, and enable managers to be proactive in meeting people’s wellbeing needs.

The facilitators

Mahalla B

Mahalla consults arts organisations on strategy and business development, and she is a neo-soul singer/ producer/ artist. Having started her career through an access scheme for local young people on benefits without a degree at Battersea Arts Centre, Mahalla has lived experience of the barriers that the arts sector presents to a diverse workforce. She consults through this lens, and specialises in creating strategy that supports and sustains diversity. Aged 24, Mahalla was a Resident Artist at the Roundhouse, developing her music and writing for the first time, however, she found the industry disabling and did not pursue music again until 2021. She is now an artist with Bristol label, Irregular Patterns, and is releasing her first EP in 2023.

For consultancy-

For music

"As a disabled person, my knowledge of wellbeing comes from years of self and collective care founded in disability justice. In this session, I will explore structural care and how organisations can create cultures and systems of wellness and access."

Nicola Burke

Nicola is an author, strategic leader, researcher and consultant. She leads large workforce development initiatives that involve arts and music organisations and Early Childhood services. She created the award-winning Tune into Listening free online resource and in 2018 wrote Musical Development Matters in the Early Years, a free downloadable resource to complement the EYFS guidance material, Development Matters in the EYFS.

Nicola works nationally and internationally to strategically support organisations to develop their Early Childhood music programmes and initiatives. Whether working with young children in Early Childhood settings or with senior leaders, Nicola’s practice is based upon creating spaces that are respectful and non-judgmental to support people to genuinely express their thoughts and feelings.

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