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Applying Music with Movement in the Early Years

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Movement and dancing are so often seen as something that is obvious, spontaneous, a separate ‘training’ or structured, classical activity for young children. Young children are constantly experiencing and learning through movement whether in play or in structured activities. This intensive introduction shows how music with movement shares the inseparable ingredients to nurture whole sensory development, communication, gross and fine motor skills, and above all the ability for children to develop a sense of self and critical analysis of their experiences. 

People working with young children including those with physical needs will share different ways to approach the curriculum and language outcomes by using movement as a focus in playful musical games. This short course is full of practical suggestions to engage young children in learning and developing social skills through multi-sensory play. We will share different ways to deliver ideas without restraining young children’s ability to make choices and be creative . 


All participants will receive an illustrative music teaching book (worth £20), downloadable resources and a wealth of useful and up-to-date information guiding participants in music making and physical development.

The training event is led by Emma Hutchinson MA and Founder, Music House for Children. With an MA in early childhood music Emma has specialised in teaching and training in music delivery since 2003. Past clients have included early childhood educators, musicians, children’s centres, SEN and health specialists and library staff across the UK. Emma provides inset events, twilight music events and support, bespoke groups, practical workshops at conferences, AGM events, private nursery groups, health groups and units. 

Applying Music with Movement in the Early Years