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Be Scene And Heard


"Be Scene And Heard’ is a Youth Music funded initiative. A free, Nottingham based course working with young people with any level of hearing who would like to write, record and produce music/music videos.

We've had such a good response with hearing and non hearing applying to be part of it. Nottingham culture magazines Leftlion and Notts Aspect featured us in last months issues, we've been on Radio Nottingham twice, City Beats and BBC East Midlands Today came down to see how we were preparing. We've even managed to hook up our inspiration, Owen Brindley, a YMCA radio presenter who is deaf with a local band. 

Notts TV interviewed us here!

We've had such an incredible response. The project will run from January 25th- Feb 12th and we're still taking admissions though places are getting booked up.  We have West End dancers and choreographers trained in British Sign Language, interpreters, skilled established musicians and videographers and a full recording studio set up.

We have made our venue safe to work in with PPE, making regular cleaning routines and screens for the workshop rooms.

Read our interview in the national deaf magazine, The Limping Chicken by performance-based signer and journalist Rebecca Withey regarding our hopes for the course ahead!

We can't wait to start!!