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Be Scene And Heard - Music and videos...

We had a lot of fun making these. All tracks and videos were created under lockdown restrictions and the course was delivered online by I'm Not From London's BSAH team.


Here are our first completed songs and videos, which we hope you like!

The first one is 'Times Right Now' by Ruby Boyd.

Ruby wrote this song whilst in lockdown. 

Fellow participant Simeon Taylor provided drums and percussion.

Ben Hellings provided guitar and piano.

Oscar Speed provided Bass and strings and mixed the track.

The video concept was devised by Ruby Boyd and Fred Ourman who also edited this.





We could set the world on fire with our discontent

Universities are closed but we're still paying rent

And we're all left home alone

Talking to our friends every night on the phone

Got to Stay safe Got to Stay Alert

Shouldn't be too hard for an introvert

All around the world statues are falling

I am still young searching for my calling

I just want to focus on my art

Though they're platitudes they cone from my heart

If my mind is full of ignorance It isn't filled with hate

The world is full of people I do not appreciate

All politicians do is tell us lies

We're in the same boat it's about to capsize

I was born in a gap between generations,

sitting back taking observations

Wondering what are the implications

Of times right now

I'm too young to be old Too old to be young

Too young for an opinion But too old to have fun

Old enough to know better Not old enough to know

Told to go away but not told where to go

And there will be a filter on this story

So different to my parents before me

I wonder Did they grow up in fear?

Though mama she whispers darling you're safe here.






Daisy is highly vulnerable and as such has had to isolate since March 2020 with her mother Jackie. She enjoys music, dancing, musicals and speaking to her friend Caroline. Mentors Molly, Joe and Owen worked with Daisy every day and with her wrote a song based on song titles from her favorite musicals and how they made her feel. Participants Jamie Elless composed the piano score, Simeon Taylor played drums and vocal parts were sang by Ruby, Molly and Ben. This was one of the most collaborative pieces of all and initially, Jackie's mother thought Daisy may be left behind when in fact she very much led the way!!   The video encapsulates Daisy's feelings throughout lockdown and her hope to go outside, enjoy music, and rekindle her friendship face to face with her best friend, Caroline.




Jamie Elless and Isiah aka Zig Da Kid worked on this song by recording vocal samples from various BSAH participants and mentors and whilst Jamie worked her magic stretching the sounds and adding ambient and moody vibes to the tune. Zig worked on the animation. Once the film was made charting the day (or night) in the life of a small blue clay man. Jamie added the music. A wonderful surreal short film and track again made entirely remotely to each other with additional colour and editing by Fred Glennister.





Tip Toe currently on Soundcloud is participant Scarlet Conelly's song. Scarlet didn't want to sing it so Ruby Boyd has sung/ rapped this one with accompanying vocals from Molly Gardiner and Oscar Speed whilst Simeon Taylor layed down the drums , Jamie provided guitar and Oscar played bass and mixed.

Tiptoe is a dark, moody and vivid track exploring regret and insecurity.


Watch this space, more coming soon....