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In April 2020, Youth Music partnered with Charanga to offer projects we fund free access to Charanga’s award-winning VIP Studio Sessions (VIP) music-making programme. Since then, over 1000 young people and 300 music leaders, across more than 50 Youth Music-funded projects, have used VIP.

Charanga has now launched an upgraded version of VIP, which will remain free to all Youth Music-funded partners. It's part of Charanga YuStudio, a creative music suite with three elements:

  • YuStudio: a beginner-friendly online music studio, otherwise known as a digital audio workstation or DAW for short;
  • VIP Studio Sessions: an award-winning programme exploring contemporary genres, music technology and production using YuStudio;
  • Yumu: a secure online space through which young people access YuStudio, personalised projects and resources, and save and share music they've created in the DAW.

Like its predecessor, the new VIP explores contemporary genres, music technology and production. Users can work through a series of video tutorials to learn how to create music and develop their tracks using YuStudio. They can also use the DAW to experiment with their own music.

All Youth Music-funded partners (who hold a current Youth Music grant) are eligible for a free Charanga YuStudio licence for the full duration of their project. Once set up with a licence, anyone involved in their project (participants or practitioners) can use Charanga YuStudio.

Read more about Charanga YuStudio options below.

Charanga YuStudio

YuStudio has been designed to develop the musical skills of diverse young talent. All work created in the online studio can be securely shared with you via the all-new Youth Music Charanga platform. You can manage and share personalised projects, content and resources using the same space.

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The VIP Module

VIP's video tutorials typically follow a six-week approach. Beyond this, users can go more deeply into a unit to refine their compositions and explore music production in greater depth. Tips and advice from artists and industry professionals, and practical resources for project leaders will be added to the module soon.

Charanga's digital Bronze Arts Award portfolio

A groundbreaking new interactive Bronze Arts Award portfolio will be made available to all Youth Music-funded partners using Charanga YuStudio.

Young people can upload a range of audio/visual file formats onto the portfolio as Arts Award evidence and use the space to document their journeys. 

Music leaders who are Arts Award advisers can monitor and support a young person or group's progress using the platform's secure two-way messaging function. 

Once a portfolio is completed, they can also generate a unique URL enabling young people to share their work externally as part of a CV, for example. This also means that the Arts Award moderation process can take place outside the Charanga platform. 

Youth Music-funded partners with a Charanga YuStudio licence also have access to a special Charanga Bronze Arts Award discount code reducing the usual £25 moderation fee to £20.50 per young person.

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Next steps/more information

If Youth Music currently funds you click here to sign up for a Charanga YuStudio licence.

We ran a session in April 2022, where we explored the platform's features and how you can use it in your project. Click here to watch the recording.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about Charanga YuStudio, please contact

Read more about how organisations have used the platform for their projects.

Click here to read Youth Music’s Charanga YuStudio Terms of Use.

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