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Drake Music's new training course: Inclusion & Music Tech In Practice

Drake Music present Inclusion and Music Tech In Practice a new training course for music leaders, teachers, schools and organisations.

When it comes to embedding inclusion in your organisation and delivery, it can feel like a mountain to climb. Where do you start? How do you respond to the different needs and interests of all young people? How do you tackle inclusion alongside all the other boxes you’re asked to tick? What does inclusion really look like in practice?

Inclusion & Music Tech in Practice is designed and delivered by expert Disabled trainers with lived and sector experience. It is dedicated to understanding inclusion as a positive opportunity, rather than a series of challenges. The day offers a safe space to turn your thinking on inclusion upside down. Together we will discover how the Social Model of Disability can be used to spark creative ideas for inclusive practice and how to put it into action using accessible musical instruments and technology.

Get in touch with us to find out more! Email Joy Stacey, Think22 Programme Coordinator: