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Get Business Ready

Event description

Presented in partnership with Royal Albert Hall, and shaped by conversations with members from our networks, Get Business Ready will be an intergenerational event for individuals of different ages to come together to learn about how to build successful careers across different areas of formal and informal music education, and community based music initiatives with babies, children, young people and adults.

Get Business Ready will offer an overview of the diverse music education sector, funding infrastructure and enable participants to map their next steps. We’ll explore how to find your niche in the industry, how to create a business plan and how to get financial support for your work.  Across the day, we’ll also open up our Development Needs Analysis coaching sessions, 1:1 advice and guidance service that provides opportunities for individuals to discuss their professional development ideas and aspirations. We encourage all participants to bring business plan drafts, funding applications and ideas for us to workshop with you!

Who’s this for: career changers, musicians wishing to diversify income, graduates, start up musicians interested in education and community work in different settings.

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