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Oska Bright Film Festival - Music Video call out

Event description

Oska Bright has championed learning disability film since 2003 and next year will be the 8th Festival. The festival is programmed, managed and presented by a learning disabled team, under Director Becky Bruzas. Becky says: “The film industry is missing out on unique creative voices with just 0.03% of disabled people in its workforce. Oska Bright works hard to challenge perceptions of learning disabled filmmakers. At a time when diversity is the government’s favourite buzzword, we are really making a difference.”

Oska Bright is for everyone who loves imaginative films and having their eyes and ears opened to new things, and will appeal especially to people with learning disabilities of all ages. Guest award presenters have included film director Andrea Arnold (OBE, Cannes Jury Prize 2016) and Nick Emmerson, Managing Director at Warner Bros TV UK. The Oska Bright Tour is supported by the BFI.

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Oska Bright is part of Carousel’s film and digital division. Carousel is an award winning, Brighton-based arts charity that supports learning disabled people to achieve their creative ambitions. Registered charity no. 297201, company no 2137755.