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Get Real Youth Music at Progress Northampton

The Get Real Youth Music Programme will be starting at the Northampton Progress Schools this month and will include a range of activities that are essential to development and learning.


Young people will be expected to develop an understanding of the music creation process from arrangement to performance and each stage of development offers the technical and theory side of learning which makes it easier to understand what stages involved in making music are.

Participants will get the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge of making music by using applications that enable the production of drum patterns into loops and then adding other instruments to create a track. The initial stage of creating patterns and loops enables young people to understand how the programmes or modules work. once a track is developed the next stage would be to record over the track and the young people get an opportunity to visit a local recording studio to further develop their understanding of the process. 

At the recording studio young people receive an opportunity to record and facilitated by a professional engineer to guide them through the recording process. Also as part of their Arts Award, young people are required to research an artist of choice as part of inspiration and to present their results. Another intergral part of the programme is that young people are required to demontsrate their level of knowledge and understanding thorugh Skills Share. Part of Skills Share is to showcase your knowledge or skills to a friend and guide them through the oprocess, young poeple are required to share their skills and their prodcution to a member of staff or a friend.

Another essential stage would be visiting a live arena where the young people get tp play their creation or sample their produsction at a live venue to test and be able to gauge the levels of their recording and to get a feel of how music gets from studio production to live arena performance.