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Get Your Project Funded - Sound Connections CPD

Event description

This session will provide the basics for if you are starting to think about how to raise funds for yourself, your project or your organisations. Led by professional fundraising consultant and coach, Nancy Hitzig.

In this session you will:

  • Learn about different ways of generating income: trusts and foundations, donations, crowd-sourcing, matched funding, in-kind funding
  • Learn about what funders are looking for
  • Explore planning for fundraising in your project timelines and being creative with this
  • Discuss the current funding landscape
  • Explore different ways of thinking about expenditure and budgets (often the most important element to a funder)
  • Consider how you/your organisation’s vision, what you do, and who you help can be matched with what funders might look for

The course will be interactive and task-based.

Who is it for?

This course is designed for organisations and individuals who are just starting out with fundraising for example:

  • Project managers in music/arts
  • Community music and arts organisation staff
  • Music Education Hub staff and leaders
  • Workshop leaders/Animateurs
  • Early years music practitioners
  • Musician/producers

Whatever your level of knowledge and understanding, we will aim to tailor the content to meet your needs.

What will you get out of the session?

  • Knowledge, skills and understanding of fundraising
  • Opportunity to get feedback on your ideas for fundraising
  • Fundraising toolkit to take away

Nancy Hitzig (she/her)

Nancy Hitzig is a professional fundraising consultant, fundraising coach, creative producer and theatre maker. She is known for working with small to mid-sized charities to plan and implement fundraising strategies and help creatives to successfully generate income from a wide range of sources.

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