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Give a Gig 2018

Give a Gig 2018

Knowle West Media Centre hosted Give a Gig 2018 on 22 March 2018. It was a successful event with a variety of young people and emerging creatives offering their talents to a crowd of people ranging from parents, staff, to other young people.

We had an array of performances during the night. We started the night off with an acoustic duet with a mash-up of Hallelujah and Good Riddance (Time of Your Life). This was followed by an original trombone performance by a young person who had never played in front of an audience before! This was swiftly followed on by a masterful and passionate drum solo that captivated the audience. We then had a young folk/pop vocalist who sang three songs that were all written and produced by him. And for our finale, we had an acoustic masterclass show from a young musician who also performed three original and highly energetic pieces.

While the musicians were performing, an art presentation was being displayed in the background for everyone to see. They were a collection of ‘Glitch Art’ - images being run through Audacity where audio effect waveforms where being applied onto an image.

Overall the event was a triumph and gave our young people a chance to show off their talent and skills in front of a live audience.