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Youth Music Early Years Funding and Projects

Youth Music Funding for Early Years

Youth Music has been funding Early Years music projects and research for the past 14 years. Currently there are two ways applicants can apply for Youth Music funding for Early Years music-making projects:

Early Years Children at Elevated Risk

This module aims to improve the musical and wider development of early years children at elevated risk through participation in creative music making. Download full information about the Early Years at Elevated Risk module here.

Open Module

This module aims to improve the musical, social, personal and emotional development of children and young people through participation in high quality music-making activity.  The Open Module will address the Youth Music Programme focus areas (Challenging Circumstances, Early Years and Encouraging Talent and Potential) with an additional focus on innovation and on sustaining effective practice. For further information click here.

Youth Music Early Years Projects in England

In Youth Music’s Spring 2013 funding round, 13% of the newly awarded grants were going to work with children aged 0-5. This is an important investment since Early Years music-making is not part of the national plan, but allowing very young children to participate in music-making is key as these activities have a powerful impact on their development.

Currently 47 ‘Early Years Children at Elevated Risk’ active funding projects are running in England and there is a great variety of work taking place with children aged 0-5, including children’s centres working with music leaders and speech therapists to support children in their language development.

To give you an overview, please find below a breakdown of active Early Years Elevated Risk modules per region:

South West: 8

South East: 4

London: 6

East of England: 2

East Midlands: 2

West Midlands: 5

North West: 8

Yorkshire: 6

North East: 6

You can search for music projects taking place in your area by using the Youth Music Network 'Near You' search.

Are you one of the organisations currently running an Early Years Elevated Risk project? Please feel free to use this group to share your experiences – successes and struggles – or ask questions and connect with others! I'm looking forward to hearing from you.