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sound splash phase 2 research

I would like to share the research which was undertaken by Anita to deepen our understanding about working with non music organisations working with children and young people in challenging circumstances.

This reasearch along with the feedback from our first phase cold spot and breakthrough projects are informing the development of sound splash's phase 2 work.

What has been great about having this research done is that it provides evidence for some of the hunches we have about engaging with children in challenging circumstances and the organisations and individuals who work with them,for example non music services reluctance to work with muscians who "might not be up to it", the improtance of identifying individuals who understand how music might impact on the young people they work with.

In our second phase these are some of the things we will focus on:

  • We will take up the lessons learned by taking time to nuture and develop relationships with both organisations and individuals who have been identified through the research.
  • We will develop CPD which supports the development of music leaders working with these young people and who have a clear understanding of the contexts they are working in, which will include cultural awareness, emotional intelligence, networking and skill sharing
  • We and improve the ways we advocate to non music organisations and capture and share our learning.
  • Our findings will contribute to Bristol Plays Music and other local music hubs' understanding of the range of musical opportunities for children and young people in challenging circumstances.

I look forward to sharing what we learn.