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Reflecting on Positive Pathways - part 2 of 2

Reaching out to all music educators, facilitators and artists! Check out these videos from 'Positive Pathways' – a music education and youth arts conference exploring the positive pathways available to young people.

Positive Pathways was our bi annual conference for the Reaching Out Network, which we run in collaboration with Manchester based arts organisation Brighter Sound.

‘If we all work together, we can make the world a little bit more inclusive’

Community musician Sarah Fisher talks about a way and not the way to make music education more inclusive, embracing the fact that everybody learns in different ways.

‘There’s every job you can imagine in the music industry’

The Reaching Out Live Podcast ‘Get a Real Job!’ features an excellent panel of guests including Jeff Thompson, Karen Gabay, Jeremy Sleith, Kane Harper, Maddie Harries and Joseph Hargreaves.