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The IDEA framework 

We belive that music should be Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable, and Accessible. We call these principles 'IDEA' for short. 

The IDEA framework breaks down how you can make that happen. Its action-focussed approach will give you a road-map to realise your IDEA ambitions. It's designed to ensure the principles of inclusion, diversity, equity and access are considered across all areas of strategy, culture and operations. 

The IDEA Self-Assessment Survey

Want to improve inclusion, diversity, equity and access in your organisation? This easy-to-use survey is designed to help you think through what you’re doing well, and what could be improved.

It contains a series of questions to help you audit existing practices across your whole organisation.

There are eight sections for you to complete - one for each pillar of the IDEA framework.


Young People and IDEA

We spoke to young people nationwide about how to run a truly inclusive music project. Download the PDF to see their thoughts captured in an illustration by Mandy Johnson.

Further Resources

We’ve compiled the best webinars, toolkits and other resources to inspire and shape your IDEA journey. Click into each of the tiles to access the list. You can also download a word copy of all the resources.


The IDEA project

In 2022, we collaborated with a team of leading experts to build the IDEA Framework. The framework was tested with eight Music Education Hubs through a year of action research and development support.

Our Music Education Hub partners were: 

The IDEA project was funded by Arts Council England through the Music Education Hubs Support Programme.