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Career change

18 months ago I was a Team Leader in a call centre and a part time musician, now I'm a full time musician, working to build a career in Youth Work.

A few months ago I interviewed for the position of intern a division of the local council called Musinc. Musinc is Teesside's musical inclusion resource, and it aims to encourage musical participation in communities which would not usually have the opportunity. I found out in August that I had been successful and this week I completed my first two days.

I think that pursuing this opportunity has been a really good move. The main reason I applied is that I want to find out what I dont know, and then put plans in place to fill those knowledge or skill gaps. After only two days I feel that I have learnt a lot already about youth work.


I've attended a few meetings in this, my first week, where I have been shadowing my mentor, Gwyneth Lamb. These meetings have really opened my eyes to how much I didn't know about Youth Work:

- Change is constant, either because of staff moves or other reasons.

- You have to keep trying new things to keep young people engaged. Even if its only a minor tweak of an existing project.

- Professional development is key.

- Networking with other youth organisations and providers is a huge part of the job.