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MIMI: Musical Inclusion Mentoring Initiative

Event description

MIMI – Musical Inclusion Mentoring Initiative

Call out for emerging music leaders

Musinc are looking for emerging music leaders for an exciting mentoring programme based in Teesside. MIMI is an opportunity for emerging music leaders to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of musically inclusive practice with children and young people in challenging circumstances.

Please note: Musinc are running two mentoring schemes concurrently. This is for those interested in a music leadership career with a focus on musically inclusive practise and working with young people in challenging circumstances. If you are interested in pursuing an ‘off stage’ music related profession please contact us for separate information or see our website for the MIDI programme info (Music Industry Development Initiative)

Mentees will be matched with a mentor from musinc’s pool of excellent and experienced practitioners. Mentoring activities will be designed around each individual mentees needs through planning and discussion with your mentor. The mentoring programme is open to emerging music leaders with varying degrees of experience; mentees may have existing activities which they lead or may seek opportunities to see music leadership in action and take on some supported leadership tasks.

Programmes take place over twelve weeks

Mentees will spend 2 hours per week undertaking a programme of activities including;

Developing an action plan with your mentor

shadowing experienced music leaders

delivering supported leadership tasks

being observed by your mentor and receiving constructive feedback

regular reflection and planning discussions with your mentor

professional development and training opportunities

Mentees will be paid at a rate of £9 per hour.

About Musinc

MUSINC is a grant funded programme, hosted by Middlesbrough Council and delivered across the Tees Valley. We are funded by the National Foundation for Youth Music, and are proud to be founders of the Alliance for a Musically Inclusive England (AMIE)

We work with musicians and music and arts groups.  We deliver projects within education and community settings that support young people. 

Our mission is to put music at the centre of young people’s lives and young people at the centre of music making.

Our focus

We know that young people can bring about positive change in their lives and the lives of those around them by getting involved in making music. Therefore we work with some of those most in need – young people (age 10-24) living in challenging circumstances in the local authority areas of Middlesbrough, Stockton, Hartlepool and Redcar and Cleveland.

We run several open access music groups for young people, we deliver intervention projects within particular settings, and we support music leaders by providing training and networking opportunities.

Our values

Musinc believes passionately in the values of Equality, diversity, inclusion and social justice. These values are fundamental to our work and sit at the core of our organisational processes, practices and culture.

Musinc is hosted by Middlesbrough Council, which is an equal opportunities and Living Wage employer. We are committed to:

Promoting equality of opportunity and reducing barriers to engagement, in particular for protected groups including those outlined in the Equality Act 2010.

Attracting and recruiting diverse candidates as we believe it is important that our staff reflect the communities we serve.

Taking steps to ensure inclusion and engagement for all the people who work for and with us. 

Striving towards a culture that is diverse and inclusive that recognises and develops the potential of all.

Continually taking part in in-house and external training programmes to develop awareness, knowledges and skills to embed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Continually reviewing our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion action plans and policies to ensure they remain relevant and up to date.

Musical inclusion principles and practise

We believe all young people should have the opportunity to participate in music making and have a choice of progression routes which meet their individual needs and allow them to unlock and fulfil their potential. We put young people at the centre of our programmes, from planning to delivery, and ensure that Youth Voice is at the heart of our ways of working. MUSINC believes that all young people’s musical experiences should be HEARD:

Holistic - placing emphasis on personal, social and musical outcomes

Equitable – people facing the biggest barriers receive the most support

Authentic - developed with and informed by the people we do it for 

Representative – the people we work with as participants and colleagues reflect our diverse society

Diverse – all musical genres, styles, practices are valued equally

Application process

To apply please complete the application form online here

Please email your application to . If you have any technical difficulties with the application form please contact us for support.

Successful candidates will be notified week beginning Monday 5th October 2020. A suitable mentor will be identified and an initial meeting set in November, mentoring activities will begin week commencing Monday 4th January 2021.

MUSINC recognises and promotes Equality law’s reasonable adjustments guidelines, and therefore reasonable adjustments are available. If you would like to discuss reasonable adjustment options please do not hesitate to contact us at any point in the application process.

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