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Concept Music - Leicester projects

Leicester music projects - Urban influences

We have really been enjoying working with young people in Leicester and Northamptonshire and at our second residency in Leicester we had some dedicated young urban artists attend. They have been really engaged in the process and particularly enjoyed working with a ‘concept’ to help guide the direction of their music.

The young people went with the concept of ‘A day in the life of..” and framed their music as a soundtrack to a young mans day. They also created some narrative compoents to help tell the story of his day.

It was interesting that they really supported each other throughout this process and ensured that their individual musical tastes and styles were incorporated. The majority of the group were keen to explore urban styles, but together they agreed that the concept they had come up with would allow for a range of styles to be included on any final 'album' they produced.

The young people have continued to enthusiastically participate and a core group have regularly attended the drop in sessions and are very keen to continue developing their musical interests and skills.