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Have your say on Arts Council's next 10-year strategy

Until April 11, Arts Council is having an open conversation with anyone that has a stake in or an opinion on the future of arts and culture in England. Make your views heard!

The timeline for the development of Arts Council England's next ten-year strategy, running from 2020-30, has five phases that will run across 2018 and 2019.

Phase one is the open consultation that will inform future phases of the strategy development. The findings will be shared, a strategy will be developed, and then a sector consultation on the draft strategic framework will take place in Autumn 2018. Alongside the open conversation there is a call for research evidence to help understand the key issues and challenges facing the arts and culture sector over the next ten years.

Arts Council's Chief Executive Darren Henley writes: "There remains much to be done, especially in widening access to the arts to all socio-economic groups and diverse audiences, and ensuring that the workforce and leadership of the arts and culture world is representative of England in the 21st century. We also have a long way to go to catch up with the digital revolution."

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