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London Piano / Music festival by WKMT

The festival is almost here. This is going to be a great festivity! many students have already confirmed their participation. Everyone is training hard to make the best of each performance. 


It is important that you confirm your participation with enough time. Preparing for a festival requires a bit of planning and therefore your lessons should be oriented to re-enforce the pieces meant to be performed.


Why is the festival so important?


  1. If you are not following the ABRSM syllabus, then this is your main academic goal

  2. If you are following the ABRSM syllabus, the festival is a must. This is the best mock test ever

  3. in this way you properly access the benefits of studying music. The extreme focusing needed to play in front of an audience leads you to reach a completely different league in terms of concentration skills.


Please make sure you confirm your program with your teacher and you start working towards perfecting it during your lessons.


To confirm your participation please purchase your ticket online at


If you have any doubts don’t hesitate in calling 0207014479 Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm.