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Reprezent X Beats One - Going Worldwide!


If you have been keeping an eye on us over the last few weeks - you will have seen us doing shows with Beats One - How cool is that?

Beats One got in touch as they want to get more involved with Reprezent and they see the value of working with younger people and trust that we are doing exactly that. Really happy with how the shows are sounding and the young people from the projects here are hyped!

Our young presenters have a lot to say about the world they live in and it’s important that their voices are heard by as wide an audience as possible. It’s vital that we understand the issues they face from their perspective if we are to properly tackle some of the problems in our world.  This has also been a great opportunity to showcase some of the best underground and electronic music coming out of the UK as we’re leading the world in these genres. We are very grateful to Beats 1 for this opportunity. 

The shows are a mix of music and discussion across a range of themes of interest to young listeners, including youth, identity, what it’s like to be a Londoner, whilst giving a spotlight to brand new artists that are not currently on Apple Music – This means that artists are being contacted by Apple Music and given assistance to register their music on the platform.

Dana (aka Dobby) features on the identity episode, discussing gender equality in the music industry and how Reprezent has supported her as a female DJ. "It's important to chat about these things, especially on a massive platform such as Beats 1, as we need to, as young people, voice who we are and some of the struggles we face because it needs to be challenged and bought to the forefront of daily conversations for things to change."

All in all, Reprezent is presenting five programmes on Beats 1 throughout June, broadcast on Thursdays at 3am GMT. The chance to foreground British-led music genres such as grime as well as talk about life in Britain from a young person’s perspective has been welcomed by the station’s presenters.

Henrie  is on one of the episodes  "I was the voice showcasing the young people from our station and what it's like to be a Londoner. It's important because now that UK rap and grime is mainstream, it's important to know the culture that it's come from, and how it's influenced us as young people from the way we speak to our sense of identity.”

Doing projects like this are aspirational and give real practical experience - CV's are looking healthier!!!