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Rotor Video software - a great addition to the tool kit

A little while ago the team at Youth Music sent round an email with information about the offer from Rotor Videos to use their online music video creation tool free of charge. I gave the team at Rotor a call just to check through the process (and to double check it was totally free). They were really helpful and talked through the process of using the site and they sent over a code so that we could use the tools totally free of charge.

We found this to be a really helpful addition to the palette of music related creative activities we could offer during a week of working with young people all of whom are Looked After Children. It was easy to use, just upload a track and then choose copyright free and appropriate imagery from a range of 'image sets'. We were able to put together very quickly a music video for each of the 5 recorded tracks which was then shared at a celebration event with freinds, carers, guardians and the young musicians. 

As we had a range of young people taking part who had no media permissions at all,  It was helpful to be able to use imagery to enhance the sharing and their final music creations. We will definitley be using this as part of the Concept workshop programmes as an additional activity and to enhance sharing and celebration events. You can see the videos created here