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Wired4Music Generate project: Galvanise

At the beginning of July we were thrilled to attend Jacob’s event, which was held as part of the OPEN Collective Takeover at the Brixton Pound Café, and saw the Collective of accomplished young entrepreneurs and creatives team up with Livity to bring a week of live events, workshops, talks, displays and exhibitions to Brixton.

On the day, participants were treated to workshops, talks and performances exploring the wonders of music tech with some great professionals, including DIY musical instrument making with DO IT KITS led by classroom tech educator and maker Helen Steere, followed by an afternoon workshop on how to make your own synth. Wired4Music Programme Coordinator Daisy Kelly-Granger gave a talk on creative autonomy, DIY ethic and innovation, and young adults from all backgrounds contributed to discussion and activities. Jacob managed the event with such diligence, and his professionalism, open thinking and skills in organisation brought together out in this truly energetic and galvanising event.

We are delighted that Jacob has since joined the Sound Connections board of trustees and continues his journey with Wired4Music.

Wired4Music’s Generate programme is hosted by Sound Connections and provides Londoners age 16-25 with an opportunity to run their own music project, supporting a wide range of ideas, from live music events, to workshops and choirs. We aim to bring together Wired4Music members, who can apply individually or in groups for £100-£1500 plus expert mentoring.

For more information on how you or people age 16-25 you work with can apply please click here.