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Progress School Thrapston

Using turntable decks to listen to composed tracks instrumentals

Young people benefited from learning and understanding how to compose a basic track from start to final outcome. During that process the young people were encouraged to explore and experiment with the applications introduced to them.

Creating a basic drum loop, adjusting tempo, adding different sounds and effects plus developing arrangements into songs or instrumental tracks were some of the steps the young people had to undertake in order to be able to lead themselves or guide another young person to understand music creation through Skills Share. Skills Share is an opportunity for the young people to display the skills that they have learnt and understood about the music creation process, also by guiding a friend or colleague through the process, showing their level of progression. 

Young people also had the opportunity to record vocals by visiting and utilizing the Recording Studio where they were able to create a beat using their experience to guide them and to record vocals. As part of the process, Young people experienced writing lyrics that could be considered for the recording and got a chance to record vocals or contribute to the track they create in the studio. Young people also had an opportunity to listen to their music at a live event venue to experience sound levels, volume and their composition or arrangement on large speakers to experience the music.