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Progress Thrapston at Soundbunker Studios

Progress Thrapston students

The young people visited Northamptons largest performance arena and had an opportunity to test their production within the arena setup and recieve feedback in rgards to their song that was created through the development stages of the course.

The young people were given a tour of the venue to undeerstand and discover how the event venue operates and also recieved information such as venue capacity and the various uses of the venue from live music to digital. Since we are dealing with digital at the moment, it was  appropriate for the young people to experience a venue that caters for all types of music to gain an understanding of where and how their music can be played back. Also to check on levels and any sounds that might need to be readdresseed.

Young poeple seemed to enjoy their experience and learnt about how evenrts are orgasnised and run and also managed to sample their production and explore more about live music and performance.