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Reflecting on Positive Pathways - part 1 of 2

Reaching out to all music educators, facilitators and artists! Check out these videos from 'Positive Pathways' – a music education and youth arts conference exploring the positive pathways available to young people.

'Positive Pathways' was our bi annual conference for the Reaching Out Network, which we run in collaboration with Manchester based arts organisation Brighter Sound. Watch two videos from the conference here

‘My salvation was a free music education’

The Keynote from Roger Wilson (Black Lives in Music) explores what we can do as a community to enable progression.

‘The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago… the next best time to plant a tree is now – what changes can we be making today?’

Dr Jo Yee Cheung’s (Olympias Music Foundation) talk on nurturing a sustainable music education.