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SEN/D Network

This week practicioners and project managers within SEN/D (Special Educational needs and disabilities) music work met to discuss their practice.

It was an interesting conversation which brought very similar points up!

It’s always different! Every session is unique and we as facilitators are constantly reacting to the situation they are in! As practicioners many questions arose.


Are we finding genres that the young people are particularly into?


Where does the line as a perfomer or practitioner meet in an send music workshop?


What events are out there for our participants both as performers and audience members?


It soon became apparent that these conversations were very useful but also quite rare!

This was also a brilliant opportunity to look at the Do Review Improve booklet for SEND work and the great input by Drake music. The idea of leaving time and space for participants to understand came up a lot!

Project managers also discussed whats currently going on, this was a great insight into the world of setting up a project for the network and showed just how much preparation goes into SEND projects.

A new partnership project  between No Label Arts and the More Music young bands project Stages that is in its initial stages was introduced . The new project has been designed to embed mentor training and engage both disabled and none disabled young people in collaborative music making through the power of rock!

The network ended the meeting with a plan! A club night possibly even a cabaret. Party lights, disabled and non disabled artists performing and an accessible venue.

Watch this space!