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Sound Wave: Live

Emerging musicians play at first Sound Wave: Live at Zed Alley, Bristol.

Sound Wave: Live at Zed Alley

10 emerging musicians showcased their breadth of talent at the first Sound Wave: Live gig at Zed Alley, Bristol

Following on from the succesful Sound Wave: Retreat, we were straight in to our inaugural Sound Wave: Live gig at Zed Alley, Bristol. We had 10 musicians performing an eclectic mix of amazing music. From a live DJ set to singing their original songs, we were treated to an incredible evening of talent.

I really enjoyed the gig at Zed Alley and I loved performing with all the new friends I made from the retreat! Performing always makes me feel good, and that was such a great experience for me. I loved watching everyone else perform and the support everyone received from participants and staff was unforgettable. I would honestly love to do it all over again! - C

As part of the gig, we also had their performances recorded live by the amazing team at Eight! Follow the links below for each musician's performance.

Rapha Ghetti - Retreat (Freestyle)

Millicent - Soapbox

Brandon Reid - Culture

Britney D - Love is Wild

Ree McGee - SpaceCowboy

MELO D - Garden

Charlotte Emily - Mother May I Sleep with Danger

Amy Upchurch - Hot

Mike Moast - The Road

Ellie Jane - Runnin'

It was a really lovely venue for us to perform in as it was quite small and cosy and it was nice to perform to just friends and family. Everyone was really friendly and the feedback we got was really positive. - E

Keep your eyes peeled for the next Sound Wave: Live!