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Hey everyone! We have been busy over here at JUMP Studios with SOUND WAVE!

Since birthing the project in 2018, we have had three Sound Wave Sessions where we work with emerging musicians to create a live performance music video. This has been co-developed with feedback from young people about resources to promote their work. Festival promoters expect to see live performances and not always looking for studio recorded tracks - lots of young people are missing this resource, so this was a great opportunity to create as part of their artist development.

We launched Sound Wave with our first Sound Wave Sessions with 4 very talented young people who all performed a mixture of orignal tracks and covers. Here is a link to a YouTube Playlist : Sound Wave Sessions Launch

On the back of our very successful residential programme (The Male Room) in December, it was the perfect opportunity to produce the next round of videos as our commitment to emerging musicians' artist development. We worked with some very creative musicians who all recorded original materials. We had a mixture of genres and even had a spoken word piece. Here is a link to the YouTube Playlist: Sound Wave Sessions 2.0

And in March 2019, we wanted to celebrate International Women's Day in style, thus we did Sound Wave Sessions - International Women's Day where we worked with 5 young, talented female musicians who all sang and performed their original songs for the whle world to see. It also includes an exclusive teaser trailer of an unreleased track! Check out the YouTube Playlist here: Sound Wave Sessions - International Women's Day

All videos were filmed at the Factory Studios here in Bristol.

We had so much fun doing these videos with some very talented young people, so we will be definitely be doing the next Sound Wave Sessions in the summer. But before that, we will also be launching our new Sound Wave Summer Music Retreat, which will be a free two-night, three-day residential filled with amazing workshops and activities for young people aged 18-25. Watch this space for more details!