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Spring 2019 AYM Short Courses at The Midi Music Company

Aspiring Young Musicians - Spring 2019

Enrol now on inspiring short courses for 11-16s in MC/Spoken Word, Keyboard Skills for Songwriting and Music Production. 

Explore your MC/Spoken Wordabilities and develop your performance skills with live instruments, backing tracks and in composition. Led by hip-hop rapper, MC and celebrated author MC Angel, your rhyme and poetry, combined with a confident delivery will captivate your audience. 

TheMusic Productioncourse will open up a world of possibilities for your musical ideas, taking you from your bedroom setup, to the studio, to a live performance. We’ll teach you how to build a track using Ableton Live’s versatile layout and on a creative journey of arrangement, manipulating audio and making your own beats. By the end of the course, you’ll have practical and theoretical knowledge of Ableton Live, music production theory and how to create your own electronic music. This course is taught by Wayne Francis (aka Ahnansé of Steam Downand United Vibrations).

Keyboard Skills for Songwritingwill introduce you to everything you need to invent the chords, sequences, bass lines and melodies used in the music you enjoy. In this course, you’ll collaborate with MC and Music Production students, contributing chords and melodies to recordings and live performances of original music. The course is led by Roger Baptiste, an experienced session and events pianist, music director and educator with the enthusiasm to inspire you to create and perform.

Spring term starts on Thursday 17th January 2019 and is just £55 for ten weeks. Places are limited, so sign up today! Find out more here or email us for information.