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Judith Robinson


I am Head of Education at Sound and Music, the national charity that supports the creation and enjoyment of new music.  Our education programme includes the annual Summer School for Young Composers; Listen Imagine Compose, examining the teaching of composing in secondary schools and the primary school resource, Minute of Listening. We are currently funded by Youth Music to deliver Go Compose, a series of projects run in collaboration with a number of partners to explore ways of including young people from challenging circumstances in composing and creating music.  I have a wide range of experience; I was Executive Director, Development & Operations at National Youth Jazz Collective and Head of Community and Education at the Philharmonia Orchestra; I have worked in local government as a Senior Arts Officer (across all art forms) and have undertaken a huge number of freelance roles including the BBC and Southbank Centre. I am passionate about enabling young people to be creative musicians and to ensuring that everyone can take part and removing the barriers to their participation.