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What Does It Mean? (A Song By Young People)

Mya singing her hook

Here is a song written and performed by young people who attend our Youth Music sessions at Maxlife in East Hull!

The song reflects the young people's own views on equality, diversity and issues such as gender identity, and discrimination, and they wanted it to be a positive message to others.

We came up with the ideas/theme for the song by having really meaningful group conversations about how these issues impact young people, and we learned a lot from speaking to them. 

Over 10-12 weeks 6 young people particapated in our project, during which they gained DJing Skills, took part in Song Writing and Recording Sessions, Instrument Workshops (including Guitar and Drumming) as well as completing Discover Arts Award. For some it was their very first time making music and they were really able to recogonise their own talents. 

Next steps for the group is to make a music video for the song and continue to make more music - so we can't wait see what else comes from them!