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Future Music Collective


The Future Music Collective

The Future Music Collective is a new project that will run for 2 years from 2020 -2021, in youth centres in East Hull communities. We will introduce young people to contemporary music technology and provide expert tuition to give them insight into the music industry.

The project will include:

  •  4 x 12-week music programmes (48 music workshops)
  •  8 taster sessions
  • 16 1:1 tuition/support sessions
  • Discover Arts Award

The workshops be informal with a flexible structure and will offer participants the opportunity to learn DJ skills such as mixing and beat-matching, MC skills such as lyric writing and free-styling and electronic music production techniques. Young people take a lead in the project and we will work with them to create their own music and compositions. This could take various forms such as electronic music production, singing, drumming or learning to play music as a group.

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