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Young Foundation's 'Framework of Outcomes for Young People'

Has everyone seen the Young Foundation/National Youth Agency/NCVYS 'framework of outcomes for young people' article from last year? What do you think?


I finally got round to reading the Young Foundation's 'Framewwork for Outcomes for Young People' published last July. 

You can download it here...

It's really interesting and useful for thinking about the common areas of young people's development that many of us look to change and evidence in our work.  The outcomes model that separates outcomes from extrinsic to intrinsic, and between individual and social, I found particularly useful to get me thinking about how these areas of development actually are all linked very closely (i.e. a strong development in an individual's communication skills will ultimately lead to improvements for the wider community they live in).  

Anyway, an interesting read and some useful ideas if you have a spare half hour (!!)