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Royal Philharmonic Society film competition for ages 18-30

The Royal Philharmonic Society is giving 10 composers and 10 filmmakers aged 18-30 the chance to create a new short film.

Music and the moving image go together like peaches and cream. With this in mind, we’ve teamed up with the Royal Philharmonic Society to offer 20 people aged 18-30 (10 composers and 10 filmmakers) the chance to create a new short film.

Here’s how it’ll work: the composer will bring a piece of music to their filmmaking partner. The duo will then re-interpret the piece of music into a short film together. Each pairing will receive £500 to make the film. The short films will be screened in 2014. 

All 20 brief-winning individuals will also receive free year-long membership to the Royal Philharmonic Society.

This brief is ideal for composers and filmmakers who want to explore the collaborative relationship of music and film.

This is our first brief with our friends at the Royal Philharmonic Society. Their SOUND:VISION programme aims to provide creative opportunities and career support to emerging creatives.

Open to ages 18-30.

Find out more and apply via IdeasTap by 9 April.