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Final evaluation of Youth Music's Musical Inclusion programme published

The report by Sound Sense contains an evaluation of the three-year programme and recommendations for the next steps in working together to create a musically inclusive England.

We’re delighted to publish The Power of Equality 2*, the final report from Sound Sense evaluating our three-year Musical Inclusion programme running from April 2012 to March 2015. Firstly, a big thanks to the Sound Sense team – Kathryn Deane, Anita Holford, Rob Hunter and Phil Mullen – for their in-depth report, thorough analysis and the critical friend role they have played with the 26 musical inclusion organisations and indeed with us.

I urge all involved in music with young people – policy makers, funders, organisations, music teachers and leaders  – to make the time to read the report. It’ll be worth it as it offers honest, real-time insight and comprehensive evidence about what’s working well and importantly why. It also sets out the key ingredients for musically inclusive practice to be achieved and important recommendations for the future. This is timely to inform policy and funding decisions for music education from April 2016 following the government spending review.

Musical inclusion is a practice not a programme, a way of working and not a special interest group. Embedding musically inclusive practice particularly within Music Education Hubs is vital to ensure equality of opportunity for children and young people in challenging circumstances. It is heartening to read in this report that there has been some progress on this but still plenty to do. I look forward to this report stimulating not just thinking but also solutions and positive action towards achieving our goal of a musically inclusive England.

Matt Griffiths Chief Executive Officer National Foundation for Youth Music

*This document is called The Power of Equality 2 because there was also an interim evaluation of this programme. You can download The Power of Equality: Interim evaluation of Musical Inclusion here.