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Some Velvet Morning ticket offer for Youth Music projects

Complimentary tickets to London Scala show for Youth Music project participants aged 18+. Register here.

Rock band Some Velvet Morning are generously supporting Youth Music's Give a Gig campaign with their show this Thursday, 9 March, at the Scala in London. Even more generously, they've offered tickets free-of-charge to Youth Music project participants aged 18 or over (and project staff are welcome to claim tickets too).

Simply register using the link below and your tickets will be on the door.

About Some Velvet Morning

Formed in North London by brothers Desmond (vocals, guitar) and Gavin Lambert (bass, vocals) along with drummer Rob Flanagan, Some Velvet Morning first began playing together in the mid-2000s. Drawing on their love for classic British rock and pop, the trio developed organically and in 2007 worked with veteran producers Rik Simpson and Mike Pelanconi to deliver their debut LP, “Silence Will Kill You”. The album was well received and their follow-up single, “How to Start a Revolution,” garnered international attention when it was used in the trailer for the 2010 film Kick Ass. A self-titled EP followed later that year, featuring a tighter, more dialed-in sound for the group. Seeking a better way to fund their next album, Some Velvet Morning turned to the crowd-funding label My Major Company and ended up raising £100,000 to make their second LP,”Allies”, which was released in 2012. Rather than stick with the tradition of single/album/tour, the band released a new track every month in 2016. A new album will be released in 2017.