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Moving away from the term SEN/D

A music leader and young musician sit as part of a wide circle or people, raising their hands and looking at each other

We shared an article earlier this year on our blog, looking at the terminology around inclusive music.

After much discussion within our team, with people in the sector and with Disabled musicians we work with, we decided to take the step to move away from using the terminology of "SEN/D" due to its broad meaning – it doesn’t provide the information we need, or that Disabled people identify with.

We are responding to the discussion that the SEN/D label does not come from a place of ownership. It has been placed upon children and young people and denotes ‘other’ and ‘segregation’. We therefore prefer to say young disabled people rather than young people with SEN/D.

Big strides are being made across the sector to a more inclusive music education system, and we feel that this can be part of that movement.

Read the full article on our website.