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Tutor Testimonials - Making Tracks

Tutor Testimonials from Making Tracks partners

We caught up with some of the Making Tracks team to find how they felt Making Tracks Y1 and Y2 has been and what they have learn't.

'Working as part of the core management team involved in delivering the coordination of sessions, liaising with partners and dealing with the project budget and administration has been a steep but stimulating learning curve. Whilst it hasn't always been an easy ride I am enjoying the process of broadening my own professional knowledge and understanding of dealing and finding solutions for the challenges faced in terms ensuring the projects continuing success. Producing a clear concise template agenda document for the monthly partner meetings has been something I have personally contributed to help develop and strengthen partner relations ensuring key issues and concerns are discussed and relevant actions taken in response.'

Dave, Trinity Youth Activities Manager

'Being involved with the Making Tracks project has provided me with a number of important training opportunities and helped bring into focus my understanding of critical safeguarding codes of practice and procedures. Visiting partner organisations to observe delivery and sharing professional practice has without doubt enhanced my own personal and professional development as a music tutor working with vulnerable young people. I genuinely feel that discussing teaching methods, behaviour strategies, ideas and concerns with colleagues is a vitally important part of how we all continue to successfully engage and provide quality support for Making Tracks participants throughout the city.'

Alex, Trinity Digital Production Tutor

'Everyday is different. The young people we work with come with a variety of individual needs and challenges. I've found that I've had to push myself in terms of my own development and through support from the team here I've been able to expand my skill set exponentially over the last year or so. I started here solely as a drum tutor, I now often find myself confidently delivering guitar, bass, songwriting and recording sessions, which is just fantastic!'

Oli, Trinity Music Tutor