Do, Review, Improve... A quality framework for music education

  • by BLadmin

    Monday, 26 October, 2015 - 11:22

This framework will help you to evaluate the quality of music-making sessions, both for self-reflection and for the constructive observation of your peers.

The framework comprises the 23 criteria that evidence collected by Youth Music suggests is desirable for a high quality music-making session. It is designed to be an active document which music leaders, project managers and other observers can use to pass constructive comment on any particular session within a project. The framework is intended to help identify training needs or particular areas for development within an individual music leader’s practice.

As well as a tool for peer observation, the framework can be used for self-reflection by individual music leaders, allowing them to cross-reference their practice against broader principles and to identify areas in which they may wish to develop. It is not intended that music leaders will be scored or ranked, or for a comparison to be made with others (as echoed in criterion 5 of the framework).

This framework can be used by any organisation involved in the delivery of music-making sessions with young people. If you are applying for a Youth Music grant, please note that Youth Music will be looking for evidence of the framework criteria within your application.

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