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XLR Collective (Session) 31/7/17

Prep for their upcoming gig at the 'Festival of What If'

Building on the progress from their campaign launch at Bristol Harbour Festival the group now prepare for their next gig at the 'Festival of What If' at At-Bristol where they'll be playing original songs and covers as well as having external performers come along to collaborate in their campaign efforts. The event serves as an important piece to the collective's development as its a close follow up to their first live performance so they have the opportunity to build on their notes of what worked and what could be improved on. 

The night started off with a quick around-the-table update on how each member was getting on with their individual tasks as well as what was needed for the following week. This exercise proves to be incredibly helpful as some of the team recognise they may be taking on more than their schedule allows or alternatively that they can pick up more work to help move the project forward. The group have vocalised that they work well knowing whats needed from them each week and what their particular jobs are within the collective which helps with productivity as well as ownership for what needs to be accomplished. 

After the catch up it was time for the group to play all of the original music they had written so far and to organise the setlist for their upcoming gig. Listening to them play it was noticeable that they were paying attention to the areas in their performance that they identified needed work. A highlight of the night came from a particular member of the team who until that evening had not sung or contributed musically to the efforts of the campaign. Having written a couple of songs, he performed one for the group which everyone gravitated to. It was great to see this team member step up and show everyone and prove to himself that he could create music that others would enjoy, a growing moment for sure.

All eyes are turned to At-Bristol's 'Festival of What If', another opportunity for the collective to help combat gender-based harassment through the power of music.