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XLR Collective (Session) 4/9/17

The XLR Collective start recording thier Debut EP.

It's all hands on deck as the XLR Collective start work on their debut EP. Last night the team met at dBs Music College for an exciting next step in their social campaign to combat harassment towards women. Having written over five original songs it's now time to start recording with the aim of releasing their project on the 25th of September at their graduation event. With just under three weeks to go, the collective are on track to accomplish their next big objective. 

Last night's session was a multi-purposeful activity. Along with getting songs recorded it also allowed the team to grow together in an united pursuit. It's been great seeing the group become closer as the program has evolved, they're not just developing musically or even just operationally but personally as well. Their confidence is growing which is unequivocally having a positive impact in their life as a whole and its an amazing thing to witness.

Another great aspect of the collective that is showing growth is the clarity of their goals. The team now have a strong understanding of their brand and what aligns with their campaign and what doesn't. Even down to the music being recorded on their EP, they know who their target audience is and the message they're trying to convey. Watching the collective in their natural environment of playing music and having the ability to record in a professional studio seems to be breathing a new sense of energy and life into the group which we're sure will have a ripple effect into their social campaign moving this space?