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Youth Music Podcast Episode 4: 'We don't fit in a box!'

The fourth episode of Youth Music’s Podcast focuses on music and music education through the lens of people who are disabled. We look at some of the progress being made across the sector and discuss what must happen next to quicken the pace of change and think bigger and bolder. We explore bringing the social model of disability to life, representation in the workforce, ‘relationship based recruitment’, innovation and music technology, being more radical, and the interplay between politics, power and privilege. 

The episode is hosted by Carol Reid, Programme Director at Youth Music, and features: 

John Kelly - National Associate Musician with Drake Music and a self-employed professional touring musician/performing artist using cutting edge music technology including The Kellycaster - “a thing of beauty”. 

Siobhan Clough - Violinist studying at the Royal Academy of Music and a member of the FLOW Collective, BSO Resound, Outcry, Orion and London Graduates Orchestra with a passion for facilitating accessible concerts for those with additional needs. 

Siggy Patchitt - Head of Bristol Music Trust’s National Centre for Inclusive Excellence and on a mission to modernise the music industry by getting rid of the stuff that’s stopping people from fulfilling their creative and expressive potential. 

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