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Youth Music Podcast Episode 5: Hip Hop in Music Education with Essex Music Service

In the fifth episode of Youth Music’s Podcast we talk to staff from Essex Music Service, the lead partner in the Essex Music Education Hub, about establishing and embedding hip hop and rap tuition across the music service. 

We discuss how this came about, how it's being delivered, what we can learn from youth work and community music approaches and what the experience for the schools and young people has been so far.

The wide-ranging conversation highlights the role of hip hop in reaching and inspiring young people, its impact on forming personal identities and its effectiveness in supporting language development and expression. We also explore the roots of the culture, its evolution into modern forms of the genre and touch on some of the recent media controversy surrounding drill music.

The episode is hosted by Carol Reid and Daniel Williams from Youth Music, and features: 

Charly Richardson, Essex Music Service Lead Officer, with Kenny Baraka and Güneş Güven, artists, facilitators and educators working for Essex Music Services.

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